Movie Review: Brüno (2009)

Totally offensive, or outrageously funny?

I'm quite over the fence with Brüno, the self-titled film about Sasha Baron Cohen's new alter-ego. In a lot of ways, it follows the Borat formula of a mockumentary showing the Cohen in real situations where he subjects the unwitting public to the outragerous behavior of his alter-ego (in this case a 19-year old gay fashionista). If you ask me, the tragedy/comedy of the situation is actually the reaction of the people surrounding Brüno, who are either a) appalled to the point that they are covering their mouths or b) angry that they want to smack Cohen with the nearest blunt object.

I found the humor of Brüno's romps as he goes from Vienna to Los Angeles on the quest for Herostratic fame (or fame at all costs). But I'm not entirely sure if the rest of the watching public will agree with me and that just sucks because the movie version I watched in the cinema was full of cuts. (Thanks a lot MTRCB! Ugh!)

If you thought Borat was shocking, wait till you see Brüno. My guess is that either you will be shocked to the bone or you will be rolling on the floor laughing.

Rating: 3/5