Movie Review: The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

Do Sci-fi and romance mix well together? If you ask me, they don't.

I'm often skeptical of romance movies with a sci-fi or fantasy twist because it requires me to double my suspension of disbelief and The Time Traveler's Wife is no exception.

I did not read the best-selling on from which the film is based on, but from my experience watching the film, there seems to be a lot lost in the translation. The movie was quite drab and slow, plus it gets quite confusing most of the time. The romantic pairing of Eric Bana (as Henry DeTamble) and Rachel McAdams (as Clare Abshire) doesn't produce the requisite on-screen fireworks (although there are several nude shots of both, which makes believe are there to compensate for the lack of chemistry).

Like the thing Rachel McAdams' character, Clare, in the film went through, I felt tired of the time jumps of Henry. The film does convey the troubles and joys of having a time traveler as a significant other, but the main conflict rises from it and its implications-- How would you deal with problems if you know when they are happening?

The last film that I felt was able to mix sci-fi and romance poignantly was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The Time Traveler's Wife is no Eternal Sunshine, but it does have its moments (although few).

Rating: 2/5