Movie Review: Nothing But the Truth (2008)

Is freedom the price of a principle?

This is the key question the film Nothing But the Truth takes on.

This film is a political drama/thriller that had little exposure in film festivals in North America last year, and has been released here in Manila (albeit limited release only). And for me that's too bad because the film has something to say about principles.

In the movie, Rachel Armstrong (played by Kate Beckinsale) goes to jail for not revealing the source of a news story that created waves in the CIA. She spent almost one year in prison and suffered professionally and personally to protect the principle of never revealing anonymous sources. The twist ending end is a nice touch to make the viewers reflect if all what happened was worth it.

The film is dragging in a lot of parts and should be watched after two cups of joe. But it soon becomes interesting when the drama in Rachel's jail time happens.

You want the truth about Nothing But the Truth? It's a not-so-powerful drama that has its moments.

Rating: 3/5