Movie Review: District 9 (2009)

No big name stars? That's no problem for District 9.

The compelling story and the craftsmanship of the movie make it a film worthy of your attention.

I have to admit, this movie was not in my radar for the summer but after reading so much about it, I can definitely understand why it's being billed as the sleeper movie of the season. Heck, it just came out of nowhere (well, South Africa to be more accurate) and jolted its way into the box office.

The film is an allegory to racial discrimination that's happening all over the world. But instead of an ethnic minority, the ones being discriminated are aliens from another planet. The set-up of the premise takes on the form of a pseudo-documentary, where it explains how the aliens came to Johannesburg, South Africa and became second class citizens. The main story is set in motion when the aliens, who are living in a place called District 9, are ordered to be evicted from their slums.

Producer Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) and director Neill Blomkamp have created a very believable and scenario that I found quite disturbing. The action picks up late and the documentary-approach gets a little confusing at first. I also thought the movie did not answer some of the fundamental questions about the aliens' nature ("How come they have powerful weapons and NOT use them?"). But over-all, the movie is great sci-fi.

Definitely, District 9 is a place you want to take a look at in the movie theaters.

Rating: 4.5/5