7-Eleven Launches Big Bite Match Competitive Eating Challenge

7-Eleven recently the first competitive hotdog-eating contest in the Philippines. Dubbed as the 7-Eleven Big Bite Match, this contest will pit the country's top gastronomic challengers for the top prize of PhP 500,000.

In the recent media launch, competitive eater Tom "Goose" Gilbert came and gave a sample of how trained eaters consume hotdogs in very quick succession. In a face off against Filipino challengers, Goose bested them by eating 10 hotdogs in 3 minutes and 12 seconds. Talk about eating fast! :)

I've never seen a person eat that much hotdogs and I'm sure seeing the record holder of 68 hotdogs down the frankfurters would be a sight to see. Here in the Philippines, we may see our best eaters gobble up tons of Big Bite hotdogs in the finals on August 29, 2009.


Bloggers I saw in the event: