Movie Review: Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

In an age of mashups and remixes, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past offers an intriguing variation: A Christmas Carol, The Rom-Com Edition.

Matthew McConaughey stars as Connor Mead, a relationship-phobic playboy who attends his little brother's wedding. The not-so-surprising catch is that Connor sees nuptials the way Scrooge views Christmas. Connor's cynical view of relationships and desire to stop his brother's wedding mystically summons the ghost of his uncle Wayne Mead (played by Michael Douglas). In order to correct the error of Connor's ways, Wayne arranges three ghosts (which represents the past, present & future) to visit Connor. And from there, you already have an idea what would happen.

The film is decent escapist fare, but the problems with Ghosts of Girlfriends Past start with the lack of sparks between McConaughey and his leading lady Jennifer Garner, and the lack of originality. There's really no twists, no surprises. There's the requisite mushiness, but it fails to carry the movie.

It's too bad that remixes like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past fail to recognize the idea behind remixes-- something fresh should spring from the new derivative.

Rating: 2/5