Movie Review: T2 (2009)

I think T2 (or Tenement 2), starring Maricel Soriano, is a pretty innovative film because it is breaking open an new genre: The Horror-Drama genre. For a horror film, it's too little on scares, but it has too much poignant and light drama scenes, especially during the long set-up in the beginning.

T2 is the story of Claire (Maricel Soriano), a social volunteer, who helps kids to be adopted and find long-lost relatives of children in foster homes. She's an emotional wreck because her husband (played by Derek Ramsey) is preparing to end their marriage. In a way to escape her troubles, she volunteers to escort a child to his adoptive parents.

In one of her trips, she encounters Angeli (Mika Dela Cruz), a despondent child who always seems to be surrounded by supernatural phenomena (can you say cliché?). Claire takes her from the province into her aunt's home in Tenement 2 (T2). By this time in the story, the story is half-way through and the scares director Chito Roño weren't working for me any more. (Perhaps I found it too implausible that Claire was not too spooked by the events surrounding her and Angeli).

If you plan on watching T2, please know that I think it is a sub-par horror film whose only saving grace is the cameos by John Lloyd Cruz and Carmen Soo.

Rating: 2/5

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