Movie Review: Fast & Furious (2009)

I was a big fan of 2001's The Fast & The Furious, but not the two sequels that followed. Now that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are back to reprise their roles from the original, is it enough to hotwire the franchise?

Fast & Furious tries to bring back to the elements that made the street-racing genre-- adrenalin-pumping chase scenes, very fast cars, and big crashes. The required ingredients are there to make it a nice street-racing movie, but it lacks in almost every other aspect (story, acting, dialogue, etc.). It seems to me that the mandate of the producers to the creative team is "Make the car stunts the stars of the movie!" (BTW, Vin Diesel is a producer of the movie).

Director Justin Lin tries to inject the story with human emotion (anger, romance) but the cars overtake the humans. You'll find it hard to sympathize with both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker because either the film doesn't devote that much time for you invest emotionally and root on them or the actors are just not convincing. There's a token twist in the story, but it's hardly compelling.

Fast & Furious is an average action film that doesn't match the speed and intensity of the previous model.

Rating: 2/5