Movie Review: 17 Again (2009)

Zac Efron's first release that's not part of the High School Musical franchise is proof that he has the talent and charm to carry a film, especially one that's targeted to young teeners.

17 Again follows the footsteps of Big and 13 going 30, where the protagonist a version of himself/herself but in a different age. In this case, 30-something Mike O'Donnell (Matthew Perry) mystically becomes the 17-year old Mike (Zac Efron) and he tries to figure out what he must do return to his normal self. As a teenager again, Mike encounters his two children and helps them cope with teen pressures and bullying, and he also gets another chance patch things up with his wife. (Doesn't that sound too familiar?)

For some, Zac Efron in a movie is enough. but for good measure, Zac is surrounded by great talents like Thomas Lennon, Leslie Mann, and Melora Hardin (of The Office fame) to keep things a more interesting. But despite how many times Zac Efron flashes his smile and the funny situations the film presents, the story is pretty predictable and lightweight. And oh yeah, there's the occasional dance number. (ack!)

17 Again is a harmless Zac Efron film that will melt the young girls hearts. Guys and boyfriends beware.

Rating: 3.5/5