Movie Review: Taken (2008)

A conversation that took place in my head:

"Liam Neeson unleashes a full can of whoop-ass in the action film Taken."

"Hey, isn't that the movie where Neeson vows revenge on a group of kidnappers who took his daughter? Isn't that too anachronistic of an action film? Like 1980's anachronistic?"

"Yeah, but it works. Liam Neeson channels his inner 'Dirty Harry' and Steven Segal and brings action back to basics-- no big explosions, but high on broken bones and twisted necks."

"Fine. How about that Maggie Grace girl? She played that bitch Shannon in 'Lost,' and I heard she sucked big time in the film."

"Well, unfortunately, yeah. She was supposed to play a 17-year old girl, but she wounded up portraying a lanky, uncoordinated 13-year old who wishes for ponies on her birthday."

"Ugh. Sounds bad. But I still can't over the death of her character in 'Lost.'"

"Yeah, but good thing the story is plausible and it's set in Paris. So you'll see a lot of baguettes and the occasional scenic shot of the Eiffel Tower."

"Mmmm... baguettes..."

Rating: 3.5/5