Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson in Why Men Love Whisper

Whisper has a new campaign targeted not for ladies, but for men!

Aptly called "Why Men Love Whisper," the campaign is a multimedia endeavor that has online and radio components.

For the online, the campaign his its own Multiply website (what Filipino product doesn't have a Multiply site these days? :P), music videos uploaded to YouTube, and a contest that lets folks remix the videos and an online photo contest.

The campaign has a song that hopes to follow the success of "Walang Sabit" and "Sunod sa Galaw" (both songs were for a different product, though).  "Whisper I Love You" is a love song that has a nice hook. Here's the video

If you like the song, you can make it top the local radio charts in the following ways:
  1. iFM 93.9 Pwede! (live streaming at RMN.com.ph )
    • thru text: ifmrequest Whisper I Love You and send to 2299
    • thru landline: 584-5545
  2. DWRR 101.9 For Life!
    • thru text: 4LIFESONGWhisper I Love You and send to 2366
    • thru landline: 415-1111 or 924-2684
  3. Barangay LS 97.1
    • thru text: RADIO GREETLSFM and send to 2311 (for globe, sun and TM) and 350 (for Smart and Talk N Text) 
    • sample: RADIO GREETLSFM  pls air the song Whisper I Love You

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