Farewell Francis M

Philippine rap music cornerstone Francis M (Francis Magalona) succumbed to leukemia just a few hours ago. He was 44.

I was a big fan of Francis M almost 20 years ago when he revolutionized local music with "Mga Kababayan," arguably the most popular rap record in the Philippines. I remember during my elementary school days where we would have a "rap off"-- a duel who can rap "Mga Kababayan" with no mistakes. I recall winning a couple of challenges. :P

His 1995 album "Freeman" was a huge influence in my garage-band, high school days. Songs like "Kaleidescope World," and "Three Stars and A Sun" were not only big hits, but also game-changing rap-rock songs.

Thank you and farewell Francis M.


Filipino Bloggers on Francis M's passing (Thanks to Aileen Apolo for the list):

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