Movie Review: Love Me Again (Land Down Under) (2008)

Love Me Again (Land Down Under) is coming of the heels of pretty successful romantic movies from Star Cinema, the studio behind hits For the First Time and A Very Special Love. How does it fare?

To be blunt: It fares POORLY.

Tell me if you find something new in this concept: The film is about the story of Arah (Angel Locsin) and Migo (Piolo Pascual), erstwhile lovers who met and fell in love in the Philippine province of Bukidnon. The couple rekindled their romance when Migo came back to Bukidnon to be a cowboy and run their family's ranch, but it was cut short when Arah was forced to go to Australia (hence the title) to work as a cook. The romantic angle was revisited again when Migo tries to win Arah back from the new world she joined.

The film is very predictable and bland for a romance. Heck, the story seemed to be taken out of the Soap Opera/Telenovela Writing Handbook as cliches were abound. It was boring to the point that I fell asleep.

Love Me Again (Land Down Under) sounds like a weird plea from a movie that I never got to love.

Rating: 1/5
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