Movie Review: Bedtime Stories (2008)

Adam Sandler hooks up with Disney and stars in a rare family-friendly treat. But is Bedtime Stories as good as Sandler's comic past gems?

Bedtime Stories does have a different target audience, ranging from little kids to doting parents who want good clean entertainment. So to comparing it to past Sandler films is like comparing apples to pineapples.

Having said that, Bedtime Stories is a forgettable film that offers a few laughs and a good concept, but you really have to suspend your disbelief to appreciate what's going on. I initially thought that the film was a fantasy story where the kids' stories would come true. But alas, the film offered logical explanations to most of the unusual occurrences and leaving out a handful. So I was a bit confused if there really was magic in the story.

The story does have its good points and lessons, such as fostering imagination and persevering despite being an underdog, but let's face it: Adam Sandler works best without the "Parental Guidance" fence he was confined in Bedtime Stories.

Rating: 2/5