Movie Review: Bolt (2008)


That would often be the line of Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus) when she needs the dog's help in dire situations like getting attacked my motorbike-riding villains and helicopters with long-range missiles. Of course, those dire situations would happen not in their "real life," but rather on the television show both Penny and Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) star in. The rub is that Bolt has no idea that they're in a television show.

Bolt is a nice 3D animated film that has humor and action for the whole family. The light-hearted story is essentially a cross-country adventure of Bolt, Mittens the Cat (voiced by Susie Essman) and Rhino the Hamster (voiced by Mark Walton). Each of them have their own distinct characterizations and the movie took advantage of this tight three-creature ensemble to get funny moments in their journey from New York to Hollywood.

I found the funniest moments in the film not from Bolt's Don Quixote-like delusions about his capabilities, but from the movie's potshots at Hollywood and television industry, from the annoying agents, to aspiring to aspiring writers. The mix of heart-warming and funny scenes would appeal to both kids and adults, similar to the way Shrek did. My only nitpick with the film is the predictable story and the incessant switching between the real-life and the television scenes.

Bolt is a great family movie and makes for a good weekend romp with no worries.

Rating: 3.5/5