Delifrance's My Secret Santa Campaign

Last week I got a nice surprise from Delifrance.

Being a person who loves getting packages, I was happy when I was notified by our school's security personnel that I had received a package. When I asked where it was from, they said they didn't know.

Very intrigued, I hurriedly went to the reception and saw a fine brown paper bag labeled with my name. I opened it and I was the bad contained the goodies Delifrance is offering in its My Secret Santa campaign. It had the Almond Star Cookies and the Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti, plus a canister of thin butter cookies.

What is the My Secret Santa campaign, you ask? It's a Delifrance campaign  where people can give either the Almond Star Cookies and Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti to anyone for free. Isn't that nice? Well, to everyone in a diet, that's not really good news. :P

I signed up for this campaign and it was very kind of Delifrance to give some samples of their delicious treats. The My Secret Santa campaign will run until December 7, 2008, to scoot on over to their website. :)

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