Live AIDS Silver: The UP Centennial Edition

I just caught the U.P. SAMASKOM's 25th Live AIDS (Ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng SAMASKOM, which translates to The Story Developed by SAMASKOM) at the U.P. Theater. Billed as "The U.P. Centennial Edition," the show is the organization's major follow up to their show last September and focuses on the University of the Philippines, which is celebrating its 100th year this year.

The long show was funny with four sketches (Diliman Darlings 2008, Sampaguita, U.P. Oblation Run & The Little Mermaid Another), several monologues and a couple of dance production numbers. While all the sketches were about life in the University of the Philippines, the best and funniest was the "Sampaguita" sketch. The highlight, though, would be the mini Oblation Run in the U.P. Theater. The monologue from Tuesday Vargas and the Michelle Obama spoof opener were the best in the show.

The show started around a bit late (I think most shows here in the country are), but considering the show clocked in almost three hours, I think the organizers should have been punctual. Another point, the technical glitches, mostly from the audio and sound, hurt the show.

Over-all, Live AIDS Silver was a great humorous homage to the University of the Philippines, although there were a lot of rough edges.

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