Wii Party at Red Box Karaoke

I know I'll sound like a techno-dinosaur for saying this but here goes: I just had my first experience with the Wii.

Yep, the Wii -- the very same game console that was launched almost two years ago. (In gadget years, that's like a decade).

I have to thank Red Box Karaoke for giving me a  chance to experience the Wii first-hand because they threw a Wii Party for bloggers, which is actually a sneak peek into what Red Box will be launching soon. Come November, the private rooms will be equipped with Wii consoles, which customers can enjoy on top of the nice karaoke facilities.

I played Wii Sports for a couple of games and I kinda liked the Boxing (which got me really tired), Tennis and Bowling games. (Hmmm... I kinda sounded like lamer instead of a gamer there...) I was also annoyed by the fact that I forgot to charge my camera, so I didn't get snaps of folks trying to make an uppercut in the boxing game. :P

As always, here's props to the bloggers who were there (or those I was who were there). Sound off if I left you off the list:

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