Movie Review: The Oxford Murders (2008)

Mathematics and murder... sounds like a typical pairing for those who struggle in math. But for Martin (Elijah Wood), he's in a web of crimes that seem to have be following a mathematical pattern.

Interlude: I caught this movie as part of the Pelicula, Pelikula Spanish Film Festival, which is kinda weird because the movie is in English, but since the movie was written, directed, and produced by Spanish folks, then I guess I'll have to thank the Instituto Cervantes for getting this film to our local theaters. As of the moment, this film has been in Europe and South America.

Going back to The Oxford Murders, the movie dabbles in a lot of academic stuff, from mathematics, physics and philosophy, and the first third of the movie suffers from the set-up of the academic motivations of the characters. But once the crimes start and the leads (Elijah Wood and John Hurt) go on a chase to solve the murders, things become very interesting. I liked the sound mathematics was integrated into the story, and the big twist was very satisfying and smartly implemented.

One piece of advice: don't leave your brain as you watch this movie because it contains a lot of pretty academic babble, similar to a class session. But The Oxford Murders is a smart, albeit bland on the sides, thriller. A final thought: This film reminded me of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.

Rating: 3.5/5

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