Movie Review: Concursante (2007)

I caught this movie at the Pelicula, Pelikula , the 7th Spanish film festival organized by the Instituto Cervantes in Greenbelt 3 Cinemas and I found it a fine movie despite the fact I could barely understand the film (no hablo espaƱol muy bueno)

Concursante (The Contestant) is a story of an Economics teacher who won a huge prize in a television game show and found out that winning the biggest prize in the history of television isn't all great. First, he realizes that he has to pay all the taxes involved in his winnings, including houses, cars and other items. Second, his girlfriend convinced him to take a financially debilitating bank loan to take care of their living expenses. And finally, his disenchantment with his winnings is capped off with a realization how institutions we think that help us actually put the world in a spiraling fall.

The film is a very good primer on Economics and folks could learn a thing or two about how banks and financial institutions work. However, there are some financial jargon that could be hard to follow for some. Concursante is a solid film over-all.

Rating: 4/5

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