Movie Review: Step Brothers (2008)

There's something about the scene where the respective characters of Will Ferrell (Semi-Pro, Blades of Glory) and John C. Reilly (Walk Hard) meet for the first time and the song "North American Scum" is playing on the background-- it gives you a sense that there's a lot of crazy things are going to happen in the movie.

And boy, did that set-up work.

The movie shows how funny and dysfunctional a family can be when a man and a woman get married and bring into the marriage two middle-aged bums for sons with the maturity level of 10-year-old kids. What you get is a series of antics on territoriality, jealousy and revenge. The plot works because you get a typical situation (families with step-kids) but you put outrageous characters that Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play perfectly.

The humor is essentially crude, with lots of cussing, teen-age pranks and crass jokes, so this movie is best watched with buddies, or with a girlfriend with an open mind. Director Adam McKay blends in enough feel good moments and even lessons on being true to one's self.

All in all, Step Brothers is a movie for guys who enjoy jokes Jim Carrey would have made a few years back.

Rating: 4/5

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