Movie Review: For The First Time (2008)

For The First Time is a movie that features a lot of beautiful things-- beautiful people, a beautiful location and a beautiful KC Concepcion-- but is that enough to make this movie work?

Unfortunately, the story is as thin as KC's waist as the production seemed to be more concerned with making things look pretty they forgot to add some clarity to the film's plot.

The film marks KC Concepcion's film debut and her first pairing with matinee idol Richard Gutierrez. The film starts of with the pair meeting in the picturesque Greek island of Santorini for their own respective holidays and falling in love there, then proceeds to a melodramatic schlock when they move back home. I'm bit surprised that the seasoned rom-com director Joyce Bernal came up with a weak offering. It's hard to forgive KC even if her inexperience got in the way in delivering her lines and portraying a real estate heiress being pressured by her father (a miscasted Philip Salvador).

People say nobody gets it right the first time and the film For The First Time is a clear evidence of that.

Rating: 1/5

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