Movie Review: You Don't Mess with the Zohan

I did not get the title of You Don't Mess with the Zohan initially because I thought, "What the heck is a Zohan?" But after watching the movie, I knew what the title was all about.

Zohan (Adam Sandler) is the Israeli army's top secret weapon-- a one-man army who can single-handedly obliterate the enemy. However, Zohan is also interested in other things, such as disco, doing the "sticky" with women and styling silky smooth hair. Zohan's personal conflict comes into the forefront when he gets tired of all the conflict between Israel and Palestine and presses to pursue his true interests. Thus, when Zohan gets a chance to escape his situation in a tough battle against his nemesis The Phantom (John Turturro), he immediately grabs it and ends up in New York to chase his hair styling dreams.

The movie is like a live-action cartoon-- you must suspend your disbelief immediately because you'll see Adam Sandler swim like a dolphin, play ping-pong with a grenade and that silly stuff. The stunts are obviously done as an exaggeration of the throwback action hero that can't do anything wrong in combat or otherwise. The humor is akin to Borat, where a person who hails from a distinct culture is placed in a "normal" situation. Expect a lot of hummus jokes and Israeli/Palestine-charged gags.

But in the end, the jokes get stretched, the premise becomes tired and all you will get is a silly mess of a comedy that can actually be offensive. You really don't mess with this film because it's already one fine mess.

Rating: 2/5

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