Movie Review: My Sassy Girl (2008)

I really, really liked My Sassy Girl. But the movie I'm referring to is the 2001 movie from South Korea with the same title. The 2008 American version I watched is a totally different matter.

The movie stars Elisha Cuthbert (of 24 fame) and Jesse Bradford (what is he famous for?) and being a romantic comedy, this version of My Sassy Girl fails on both the romance and the comedy part. I guess the film fell trap to the mapping of a well-loved Asian cult favorite into a Westernized version. Some sensibilities will be lost in translation.

The original version worked because it was easy to relate to and was grounded on Asian culture. This version fails to draw sparks and the characters did not even have the chemistry to even make warm water boil. The fact that the movie is going direct to DVD in the United States is a testament to its weakness.

Stay away from this remake of My Sassy Girl-- the only reason I see why this film was released on the big screen here is that the original was embraced by the people here and the producers are going for a quick buck.

Rating: 1/5

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