Movie Review: The Incredible Hulk

The Big Green Guy is back and he's back to avenge the poor showing of Ang Lee's Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk is a huge improvement over Lee's 2003 film for one simple reason: it doesn't take itself too seriously. This current iteration focuses on the Hulk as an angry brute that likes to smash military equipment and gives him a worthy adversary in terms of strength and power. The movie also draws more from the familiar-- more elements from the television series in the 1970's were incorporated into the movie. (Actors from the old series make cameos in the film). No doubt, more people will like this "reset" of the franchise.

Edward Norton plays Bruce Banner with a clear sense of what's motivating him: Banner does not want to be kept isolated by the effect of the Gamma radiation experiments he performed on himself and is driven by the pursuit of finding a "cure." Norton is complemented well by Tim Roth (who played the villain), William Hurt and Liv Tyler.

The movie could be seen as standard sci-fi fare, but the story gets a bit dull in stretches. If you are not familiar with the Hulk universe in the comics, some things in the story will fly over your head. But given succeeding films about the Hulk will follow this thread of reality, I'd say The Incredible Hulk is a very good place to start.

Rating: 3.5/5

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