Movie Review: The Dark Knight

This summer of 2008 is turning out to be a banner year from comic book superheroes. First there was Iron Man, then Wanted, and the natural progression into new cinematic heights continues with The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight revives the Batman versus Joker match-up from 1989's Batman, and boy, it that rivalry better than ever. Getting director Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale were a good decisions in Batman Begins two years ago, but getting the late Heath Leadger as The Joker was a major coup. He brought his own touch to the role Jack Nicholson made popular and made The Joker more vile and sadistic-- the contrast of Batman's cerebral nature and the Joker's chaotic abandon is played on prett well. Very good job by Ledger if you ask me, but an Oscar-clincher? Let me first see what he will be up against...

The fiom also elevates the story-telling in comic book superhero movies-- The Dark Knight tackles human nature and motivation in a deeper manner and relies more on the tension generated by the story than the pyrotechnics. This is same as saying that the film has hastened the maturity of the superhero genre in Hollywood. So some teeners may actually find the movie boring in a few stretches. One more peeve: Bale does not speak but growls when he's donning the Batman outfit.

My only problem is the length of the movie: it's two and a haf hours long. There was a time I thought the movie should have ended, but it still went on. After the film, you will most likely feel its length. But then again, the movie does have a lot to show. So, sit back and enjoy The Dark Knight, a definite must watch movie.

Rating: 4.5/5