Movie Review: Iron Man

I've followed a lot of superheroes from collecting comic books and I have to admit Iron Man was one superhero I never got to like. But the Iron Man movie is making me change my mind.

Not to surprisingly, the Iron man as a film hero works in almost all levels. First, viewers get to appreciate the mechanized beauty of the suit-- something the comic book can't really give total justice to. Todays computer generated graphics really make Iron Man very believable and scientifically/mechanically plausible.

Second is the alter-ego/secret identity element has been freshened up. Tony Stark is what Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins should have been-- the comics always have always wanted to show a charmed life that contrasts the burden of being a super hero. In the case of Iron Man, Tony Stark fits the contemporary billionaire who realizes he must contribute more to society, something Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did, but Stark decided to use his mechanical engineering genius to save the world.

Third and finally, the film is a very good "reset button" to everyone who knew about Iron Man before the movie. The hero's origin has been updated (instead of dealing with the Nazis, Stark faced problems with an Al-Qaeda-like group) and the corporate aspect of Stark Enterprises resembles the big corporations nowadays, from the public relations to the board room battles.

Robert Downey, Jr. gives his spin to Tony Stark as a fast-talking, wise guy that is quite different from Tony Stark in the comic books. Make no mistake, Downey is superb in this movie, but I guess I was still adjusting to the "new" Tony Stark. Director John Favreau balances the humor, action and commentary with a nice pace, and thankfully doesn't get too caught up in the "hero rescues the damsel" trap.

Iron Man is a great addition to the comic book superhero movies and a definitely a must watch this summer. Heck, you might even get to start liking Iron Man from this film.

Rating: 4.5/5