Movie Review: Across The Universe

I'm a huge Beatles fan and when I heard about a movie based on the Beatles' songs, I immediately got curious. The Beatles have been enjoying some healthy updates with the Beatles LOVE album and I figured the movie, Across The Universe, should be a contemporary take on the Beatles music.

I was partially correct. The movie doesn't feel dated, but was set in the 1960's, the same period as the Beatles' prime. The story also takes the same trajectory as the Fab Four-- the characters start in a clean-cut and innocent way and they all end up "enlightened" by drugs and jaded because of the radical times.

Speaking of the characters, the main pair is composed of Jude (Jim Sturgess) and Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). The two are the typical forlorn lovers from different worlds-- Jude is a poor ship welder from Liverpool and Lucy is from a rich family living near the Princton University campus. Although they meet early on, their romance blooms when the two meet to New York after being separated for a few years.

If you noticed, the names of the lead characters are taken from Beatles songs. (Jude from "Hey Jude" and Lucy from "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds") This is quite common with the other characters in the movie. There's Sadie (from "Sexy Sadie"), Jojo (from "Get Back!"), Prudence (from "Dear Prudence") and Maxwell (from "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"). It's also interesting that the situations the characters are in more or less reflect how the songs describe them.

I admire how director Julie Taymor stitches the movie with the Beatles' songs but, as you can imagine, that would be only accomplished when you stretch a few story elements here and there. I would say it's ambitious, but not without missing a beat. But if a movie could use "Why Don't We Do It in the Road?" in the story, then it must count for something, right?

Rating: 3.5/5

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