Movie Review: Supahpapalicious

I was under the weather when I watched Supahpapalicious-- so I didn't know if my head hurt because of my condition or because of the movie.

This Vhong Navarro comedy is really not funny and I think it was really made to rake in box office money from the kids who just started their summer vacations. Seriously, it was that bad, even considering I have high tolerance even for the standard fare "commercial" flicks.

The movie does have a story, albeit thin as paper. A group of orphans children were living fine until one, Ateng (Valerie Concepcion), of them got adopted and went to the city. The remaining friends of Dodong (Vhong Navarro), Inday (Pokwang), Kwatog (Empoy Marquez) and Macho (Mura) decided to follow her but in vain. Ten years pass and the group movies on and is now in the food cart business, with Inday moonlighting as a special effects make-up artist. Dodong meets a lovely single mother who, unbeknown to him, is Ateng. He must please the young son (Makisig Morales) by showing his large family. Since he is an orphan, Dodong creates presonas from Inday's make-up and costumes to pass off as relatives to the son.

The movie is really a stab at Eddie Murphy's Nutty Professor-- one actor playing different characters thanks to costumes and prosthetics. But there's really few to like and laugh about Supahpapalicious-- unless you're a fan of corny noon time variety shows.

Rating: 0.5/5

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