Movie Review: My Best Friend's Girl Friend (BFGF)

Regal Films and GMA Films' romantic comedy offering for this year's Valentine's season is My Best Friend’s Girlfriend (BFGF) starring Richard Gutierrez and celebrity-of-the-moment Marian Rivera.

The story revolves around Ivo (Gutierrez) who "hires" his best friend's girl friend Grace (Rivera) as his pretend significant other to make his ex (played by the bosomy Ehra Madrigal) jealous and eventually get back together. As you would imagine, the "transaction" takes some inconvenient complication when the Ivo and Grace fall for each other and they have to contend with Ivo's ex and best friend.

I have to admit, the movie is a good rom-com escape. The story doesn't try to be original (heck, the "let's pretend to be a couple" storyline has been done many times before.) but it's the chemistry between the characters played by Richard Gutierrez and Marian Rivera that carries the movie. The movie effectively finds humor on the fact that Ivo is a rich bum and Grace is a cash-strapped MA student, and it plays the "war of the social classes" comedy adequately. I'm a bit surprised the audience I watched the movie with found humor on some seemingly insignificant scenes. (Talk about unintentional comedy.)

This movie could spur the whole Richard Gutierrez-Marian Rivera screen couple to a good commercial and creative vehicle given the comfort of the two in melodrama and comedy. Watch this movie if you feel the need for a rom-com fix this Valentine's weekend with your friends.

Rating: 3/5

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