Movie Review: 27 Dresses

After watching The Hearbreak Kid and Good Luck Chuck, I watched another wedding-related rom-com: 27 Dresses. (Hmmm... what's with the wedding movies producers are making these days?)

Grey's Anatomy mainstay Katherine Heigl follows up her strong performance in Knocked Up with this movie about the eternal bridesmaid-- with 27 wedding dresses to boot! James Marsden (X-Men, Superman) plays the male lead as the resident wedding announcements writer in their city's leading newspaper. If you ask me, a very interesting mix of characterizations for the lead characters, although it has "Wedding" written all over it.

The movie treads on the familiar romantic-comedy path, but adds little quirks here and there: Heigl's character, Jane, was a wedding junkie until her sister gets engaged; Marsden's Kevin Doyle is a regular in most weddings because his work required him to, and has become cynical about the whole "conspiracy" of the bridal and wedding industry, until he, of course falls for Jane.
Ultimately, I feel 27 Dresses is a concept movie, that is, the movie was built around the idea of a girl with 27 dresses and how it wonderfully wraps up in the rather predictable ending. And given the movies I've watched recently, I would probably say this movie is the Anti-Good Luck Chuck-- a good watch for the ladies.

Rating: 3/5

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