The Great Justice League DVD Giveaway

Screensucked's Great DVD Giveaways are back!

Justice League: The New Frontier is up for grabs and this new title from Warner Premiere is definitely a must have. The animated movie is an epic tale of how the vaunted Justice League came about, with DC Comics legends Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all featured in the film, as well as Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and The Flash.

This special edition DVD is replete with special features and extras: Super Heroes United!: The Complete Justice League History, Sneak Peak: Batman: Gotham Knight, The Legion of Doom : The Pathology of the Super Villain, Comic Book Commentary: Homage to the New Frontier, and Justice League Unlimited Bonus Episodes.

Joining the DVD giveaway is very easy, here's how:
  1. Answer this question: "Who are the six DC Universe superheroes that formed the Justice league in Justice League: The New Frontier?"
  2. Post a comment on this post with your answer, along with your name and email address. (Your email should be in the format xxx (at) xyz.com to protect you from spam.) Your comment with the correct answer will represent your entry in the electronic raffle. One comment per person will be allowed.
  3. If you are a blogger, creating a link to this blog post with the link text "Justice League DVD Giveaway" will earn you 5 electronic raffle entries (That's 5 entries per link). You can earn a maximum of 10 electronic raffle entries via this method. Note: Use the "Create a Link" link below to include posts from your blog.
The winners will be electronically drawn on March 17, 2008 (+800 GMT). All blog links will be checked and entries will be added on that day. The winner will be notified via email and must respond within 3 days to confirm the prize. There will be one winner for this DVD giveaway.

If you need help with the question for this giveaway, here's a hint: The DC superheroes' names are already included somewhere in this post.

So what are you waiting for? Post your comment now or create a link to join The Great Justice League DVD Giveaway!

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