Movie Review: Desperadas (All They Need is Love)

Four gorgeous ladies in a movie about desperadas (desperate women)? Your initial thought would be a derivative of Desperate Housewives, but the movie is actually closer to Sex and the City.

Desperadas (All They Need is Love) follows the stories of four wealthy half-sisters: Ruffa Gutierrez as the socialite in a quasi-relationship, Rufa Mae Quinto as the sex doctor grappling with how her work affects her family, Iza Calzado as the lawyer who is in a childless marriage and current "it" girl Marian Rivera as the liberated underwear designer cum bride-to-be. All their lives intersect and all seem to have a common theme: each of their own love lives seem to be lingering in a dysfunctional state.

The movie juggles all four plotlines and tries to develop the characters what results is a challenge for editing and keeping the movie interesting. Also, Director Joel Lamangan must have been given instructions from the producers to showcase the feminine beauty of the lead stars, particularly Marian Rivera. With the way each acted, I'm guessing none of the actresses will take home an award for their respective portrayals.

The movie is definitely eye candy, but the story doesn't really create that much tension, so the wrap-up is a bit unsatisfying and comes off as a bit run-off-the-mill.

Rating: 2.5/5

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