Movie Review: Death Proof

Two things about this blog post are late: First, Death Proof, the Quentin Tarantino-helmed half of Grindhouse, was shown very six months after Planet Terror, the other half. Second, I watched the movie December last year and I just finished reviewing it just now.

Anyways, Death Proof is a strange animal: it's a 1970's-inspired movie that is set in 2007 and perhaps drew more inspiration than just the technical anachronisms. There are just some scenes where I'm wondering if Tarantino deliberately made them bad so they would fit the 1970's genre. The story of a stunt-driver on a muscle car names Stuntman Mike (played by Kurt Russell) going after women does sound B-movie material, and it's really hard to take it seriously despite the craftiness of Tarantino.

The saving grace of the movie is the final car chase scene where the prodcution team seemed to put the most effort. The last act also put together the closure of having strong women stand up and fight, as opposed to be victimized by Stuntman Mike.

I'm really over the fence with Death Proof-- it's a film that's trying to be bad, but shows glimpses of skill and interesting dialogue. Watch it at your own risk.

Rating: 2.5/5

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