George of the Jungle Swinging to the Cartoon Network

George of the Jungle is back!

The vine-swinging character from the 1960's has been re-imagined and is will be debuting at the Cartoon Network this January 18, 2008. New episodes will be shown every Thursday, 7:30pm (ET/PT)

For those who do not know George of the Jungle, he's the protector of a jungle (a la Tarzan) who always seem to not look when he swings, thus the frequent tree-slamming. This new series brings back George's friends like Ape, Ursula, Shep and the Tookie Tookie Bird; the Cartoon Network version also adds a new character named Magnolia.

Here's a preview of the new series intro:

George Of The Jungle Tune In

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In 1997, a movie aptly titled George of the Jungle was released and it starred Brendan Frasier on the starring role and Leslie Mann as Ursula.

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