Cloverfield Revealed

What do "Slusho," "Cheese," and "Clover" all have in common?

All were fake working titles to J.J. Abrams' enigmatic Cloverfield. I blogged about Cloverfield around six months ago and the Internet Buzz Machine was just cranking then. After seeing the teaser trailer during the Transformers screening, everyone was just asking: "What is Cloverfield?" A new trailer was revealed a few months later:

The answer seems to be apparent now: Cloverfield is a monster movie told from perspectives of the people terrorized as the events unfold. Theories about an H.P. Lovecraft-inspired creature are flying around and they may be the most plausible ones. I have to discount the Godzilla and Voltron theories, though. (Ah, the success of viral marketing.)

So what is the monster? The movie is set for a January 18, 2008 release and I won't be surprised if we see monster/s a few days before that on th web.

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