Movie Review: Gone Baby Gone

Let me share a little anecdote that relates to Gone Baby Gone: My girlfriend and I had a lengthy debate about the moral and ethical complexities the movie presented. We watch movies a lot and we rarely debate about a movie. That's how compelling Gone Baby Gone is.

The story from the outset is about disappearances and abduction, thus the title of the movie. However, director Ben Affleck (yes, the actor) puts a great deal of depth in the movie that it makes you wonder if the title really refers to the missing children that figure in the central theme of the story. Casey Affleck, Ben's brother, is effective as a Boston-based private investigator who gets tangled in a conspiracy that involves the drug syndicates and the police. Michelle Mohagnan, Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman complete the movie's solid lead cast.

Ben Affleck's directorial career has have a promising start with Gone Baby Gone and Casey Affleck doesn't let down. My only problem is the Boston accent, but other than that, the movie is a must see despite its limited release.

Rating: 4/5

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