Movie Review: 3 Days of Darkness (2007)

On the rare occasions I drop by the Robinson's Galleria, I usually am tempted to watch a movie shown at the Indie Sine, a theater in the mall's cineplex devoted to screening Filipino independent films. The movie being screened at the time I passed by was 3 Days of Darkness by Khavn Dela Cruz.

The film is a claustrophobic take on one of the apocalyptic events described in the Bible's Book of Revelation. Three women, Kimberly (Katya Santos), Michiko (Gwen Garci) and Isabel (Precious Adona) are all house mates stuck in a house when darkness envelop the world and the movie shows how the three deal with impending doom via. (That angle reminded me of M. Night Shyamalan's Signs, where a family deals with the confusion and uncertainty of an alien invasion.) Religion, desperation and sex figure heavily on how the three cope with the dreadful situation.

"Experimental" and "Non-mainstream" are the words I could describe the film off hand. The problem with reviewing indie films is that there's a certain context you have you consider, as opposed to watching a commercial film. For example, the movie is 30%-40% darkness, where you really won't see anything. I'm assuming the director would like to leave some parts to the imagination of the viewer, but that's just too tiring if you ask me. If I like to leave stuff to my imagination, I'd prefer a radio drama.

A visceral and dark film, 3 Days of Darkness, is really not for every one and I think it takes itself too literally.

Rating: 2/5

Note: The film is rated R-18 for its graphic sexual scenes.

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