Movie Review: We Own The Night

We Own The Night probably had these on its list of ingredients: 1 part crime action, 1 part family drama. The sum however, is a slow moving police movie.

Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg play brothers on the opposite side of the law, with Phoenix's character, Bob Green, on the drug dealers side, and Wahlberg's Joe Grusinsky aligned with the cops. The movie explores if indeed blood is thicker than water, and owning up to one's actions. The movie focuses more of Joaquin Phoenix, as his character's world is more entwined with the Russian drug syndicate and the New York Police, and he has the girl (the lovely Eva Mendez.)

I like two things with the movie: first, Robert Duvall plays the father figure to the two main characters. There was a situation wherein he sounded like the father in the Prodigal Son story.
He definitely brought great credibility as the father figure. Second, the last car chase of the movie was well-executed and full of tension, despite not having a grandiose treatment. If you drive a car, director James Gray will be able strike a nerve or two.

We Own The Night can be looked at as a modern day version of the Prodigal Son story I mentioned. The action is very subdued and authentic, but doesn't pack a punch. The drama is also OK, but it gets in the way of the action.

Rating: 3/5

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