Movie Review: Balls of Fury

As far as sports spoofs go, Balls of Fury does not bounce at all.

And that's because of three simple reasons: (1) The plotting is a wreck, (2) The jokes are not too funny and (3) The actors aren't that hilarious. I'm quite disappointed because the concept had potential-- a tournament of ping pong legends to the death, which is a spoof of the martial arts and sports movie genres.

From the outset, the movie draws a lot from the 1980's: the music, the B-movie feel to it, and the script. But apparently, the movie didn't take into account the new millennium sensibilities of the audience as the gags are too episodic and the low brow stuff aren't even effective.

Christopher Walken plays the villain to Dan Fogler's hero, and Walken seems to be the only one having fun doing his schtick. Maggie Q is just gorgeous, but grossly underused. The other guy that steals the show, James Hong, plays the epitomic Asian martial arts master with great verve.

Balls of Fury is worthy of your 90 minutes if you don't have anything to do-- just sit, park your brain and see the all balls furiously flying!

Rating: 1/5

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