The Great Princess Bride DVD Giveaway

The giveaways keep on coming! I'm very pleased to have my first movie DVD giveaway.

This blog featured the 20th anniversary of the classic fantasy movie The Princess Bride and the official launch contest called the Ode to the Princess Bride. Now, thanks to MGM Home Entertainment, I'm giving away the 20th anniversary edition of The Princess Bride!

What's great about the special edition DVD? Here are some new features:
  • True Love and High Adventure: The Official Princess Bride DVD Video Game. This DVD game has a website at
  • Princess Bride: The Untold Tales Featurette
  • The Art of Fencing Featurette
  • Fairytales and Folklore Featurette
Joining the giveaway is as simple as ever. Here's how:
  1. Answer this question: "Who are the two lead stars of The Princess Bride?"
  2. Post a comment on this post with your answer, along with your name and email address. (Your email should be in the format xxx (at) to protect you from spam.) Your comment with the correct answer will represent your entry in the electronic raffle. One comment per person will be allowed.
  3. If you are a blogger, creating a link to this blog post with the link text "The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary DVD Giveaway" will earn you 5 electronic raffle entries (That's 5 entries per link). You can earn a maximum of 10 electronic raffle entries via this method.
An electronic raffle will determine the person who takes home the special edition DVD. The electronic raffle draw will be on November 20, 2007 (GMT +8). All blog links will be checked on that day as well.

If you win, you will be notified by email and you must respond within 3 days, otherwise, a new winner will be drawn. Your prize will be delivered to you by MGM Home Entertainment to your doorstep.

Need a hint for the answers? Look them up in this writeup from MGM:
From celebrated director Rob Reiner ( When Harry Met Sally ) and Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman ( Chaplin ) comes "an enchanting fantasy" ( Time ) filled with adventure, romance and plenty of "good-hearted fun" (Roger Ebert)! Featuring a spectacular cast that includes Robin Wright Penn ( Forrest Gump ), Cary Elwes ( Liar, Liar ), Mandy Patinkin ( Dick Tracy ) and Billy Crystal ( City Slickers ), this wonderful fairy tale about a Princess named Buttercup and her beloved is "a real dream of a movie" ( People )!