Movie Review: Wedding Daze (2007)

Jason Biggs will always be known to me as the guy in American Pie. The last installment of that trilogy ended with him tying the knot and his latest starrer Wedding Daze (aka "The Pleasure of Your Company"), he seems to draw a lot from his earnest character in American Pie to play Anderson, a likable guy who has difficulty letting go.

The movie poses the question: "Can two complete strangers get married and live happily ever after?" and answers it in a naive, but too Hollywood way. With movies like The Wedding Crashers and recently I Pronounce You Chuck and Larry looking at interesting angles of matrimony, Wedding Daze focuses on the relationship of the husband and wife with much quirkiness.

Speaking of quirkiness, the cast of the movie is very small, but used effectively. Isla Fisher is bubbly in a not so annoying way and could me a Romantic Comedy genre fixture. The characters are interesting and the interactions among them show us how director Michael Ian Black is good in avoiding bloat in the storytelling. The movie actually reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine in a lot respects.

Wedding Daze is a very intimate and is has a good mix of quirkiness and humor to sustain it, albeit the predictable ending.

Rating: 3.5/5

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