Movie Review: Rogue Assassin (aka War)

Rogue Assassin (aka War, aka Rogue) is a disappointing action movie. A movie with Jet Li (Once Upon a Time in China, The One, Romeo Must Die) and Jason Statham (The Transporter, Crank, The Italian Job) should at least provide thrills and scenes that have any semblance to the impressive work the two leads have done before, but Rogue Assassin is not one of those movies.

Li and Statham play the assassin/cop dynamic with little aplomb and they share very little screen time. Even the finale is not satisfying. The movie focuses on the gang war between the Triads and the Yakuza, thus diluting the match-up between Li and Statham.

As far as action goes, this movie makes me appreciate movies like the Bourne and Die Hard series. Rogue Assassin does not explode on the screen and the fight scenes are nothing I've seen before. The movie does try to be cerebral to certain degree (there's a major twist), but it does not carry the story.

Again, Rogue Assassin could have been a good match-up between Jet Li and Jason Statham, but unfortunately, it turns out to be a diluted gang war movie.


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