Review: Avenue Q

The Tony Award-winning musical Avenue Q started its run here in Manila at the RCBC Auditorium last September 7 and my girlfriend and I were able to catch it last week. The show is a mature take on the universally loved puppets and issues like quarter life crisis, racism, pornography are tackled with much humor.

I personally love the songs in the show like "It sucks to be me," "Schadenfruede," and "The Internet is for porn." I also found it funny that there were some graphic sequences where the humor is obviously putting the puppets in very unfamiliar situations. I think people who grew up with Sesame Street (or its Philippine version Batibot) will share my amusement on the show.

The cast is pretty impressive and it includes Rachel Alejandro, Aiza Seguerra and Frenchie Dy. The cast also took the time to take pictures with the audience. Here's our picture:

The last show I heard was already sold out so I hope the producers will have another run of this wonderfully entertaining show soon.

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