Movie Review: I've Fallen For You

I've Fallen For You is a debut on a couple of levels. First, it is the first movie starring ABS-CBN's love tandem of the moment, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, and director Lino Cayetano. While it features fresh faces, the movie does not seem to have beginner's luck.

The story is as straight as the alignment of the bikes that are fixtures throughout the movie-- Two college teens meet cute, get to know each other, fall in love, get their hearts broken, then get back together (but there's a subplot pertaining to their parents' past). The love story is also very contemporary (e.g. texting is a major couple activity, the dating phase is swift and each of their families are open to their relationship). Actually, I think watching the movie is a good way to know how teenagers these days get together.

However, the pair (affectionally called "KIMERALD" by their fans) is simply too raw. It also does not help that Kim and Gerald both seem to speak with their own speech impediments. Their lines are also memorable in a bad way. ("We are like a bicycle, you're the first wheel and I'm the second. It won't run if one of us is missing." spoken in Filipino). The good is that the supporting cast of Albert Martinez, Chin-chin Gutierrez and Lotlot De Leon serve as the movie's crutches wonderfully.

After watching I've Fallen For You, I got a good sense who this movie is for. It's for pre-teens and high schoolers discovering romance and relationships. And I don't definitely fall into that category.

Rating: 1.5/5

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