Movie Review: Disturbia

I find it weird when a movie is released here in Manila when the official video/DVD of that movie has been released globally a month before. That's the case with teen thriller Disturbia. (I reckon the reason it is released here four months after its US premiere is because the local distributors want to bank on star Shia LeBeouf's new found fame via the Transformers movie shown last summer.)

Disturbia is said to be a derivative of the 1954 Hitchcock classic Rear Window. How much derivation is not known to me but if the result is a decent and energetic film, then Rear Window deserves its cult fame. The movie also is one of the reasons a lot of Hollywood pundits are calling LeBeouf the current "IT" guy.

Yes, LeBeouf is great in this film, but is Disturbia a great movie over-all? Partly. I'm a real fan of plot twists and this one is as barren as the Sahara in that department. The story's energy and contemporary setting makes it palatable, but the tension it provides is not up to par.

In the end, voyeuristic pleasures aside, the movie is a good ride but don't expect depth.

Rating: 2.5/5

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