Movie Review: A Love Story (2007)

A Love Story is an ambitious romantic drama where some viewers may find a bit challenging to watch. Why? For one, the story telling is done in a non-linear manner and Director Maryo J. Delos Reyes withholds several key information that leads up to a well-executed reveal.

The central story is not new-- it is about a married man (Aga Muhlach) caught up in an affair. The questions you would ask as a viewer are questions you probably know the answer to. (e.g. "Who does he end up with, his wife or his mistress?" or "Who deserves to be happy?"). The women in the triangle (a restrained Maricel Soriano and a melodramatic Angelica Panganiban) do a nice job of pulling the male lead in their respective corners. And like I've said, the beauty of the movie is how everything unfolds.

The weakness of the movie is how it develops into a melodrama after the big "twist" was revealed. The plot became somewhat predictable and the ending itself was a bit anti-climactic. Good thing supporting actors like John Arcilla, Chin Chin Gutierrez and Dante Rivero give texture to the characterizations even until the end.

A Love Story is a new take on the time-tested love triangle (at least for the contemporary Philippine Cinema) and its indirectness will either charm or confuse some people.

Rating: 3/5

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