Movie Review: The Lookout

The Lookout surprised me a bit. It seemed to be another "memory loss" thriller when I saw it on its trailer, but it turned out to be a well-crafted and restrained action movie with great characters.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Chris Pratt, a small town's former hockey star, who suffered a massive tragedy when he and his friends figured in a car accident. His permanent damage is unusual-- he could not properly remember the sequencing of events and occasionally loses his memory. Chris and his blind friend Lewis (played by Jeff Daniels) share an apartment and a dream of opening a restaurant. Chris' simple and tortured life, however, takes a jarring turn when he gets involved with a gang of bank robbers planning a heist on the bank where he works for.

The movie is not heavy on action, but is rich in interesting and well-developed characters. The story grinds on the first few parts, but picks up the pace when Chris gets entangled with the planned bank robbery. Director Scott Frank's steady and deliberate approach set the mood and atmosphere for the small-town crime flick.

The Lookout is one movie that will probably go under the radar because of its weak star power, but should be watched.

Rating: 3.5/5

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