Movie Review: Ratatouille

Is Disney/Pixar's Ratatouille proof that the CGI movie is maturing?

Ratatouille is a movie with solid story-telling, superb animation and a good balance of humor and values. However, Disney couldn't have chosen a setting and premise that does not really appeal to the kids-- the protagonist is a rat and the backdrop is Paris. (Not really kids material if you ask me). Also, the musical aspect of animated movies (a la Little Mermaid and Lion King) is now but a distant memory.

The movie focuses on Remy, a well-meaning rat who dreams of becoming a chef. Thanks to his rich imagination, he is inspired by renowned chef Gaustav. (You can say that Gaustav is to Remy as Genie is to Aladdin.) Remy gets his chance when a down and out garbage boy named Linguini benefits from Remy's expertise. The two develop a bond and their relationship shifts to a Frankenstein-like conflict in the movie, only to be strengthened in the end.

Ratatouille is a great family movie and is recommended to everyone. Make sure you bring food in the cinema, the animation of food and cooking may make you hungry.

Rating: 4/5

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