Movie Review: Planet Terror

Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's B-movie homage film Grindhouse is shown in two parts in the Philippines. The segments Planet Terror (from Rodriguez) and Death Proof (from Tarantino) are released as two different movies; clearly a money-making move.

But when I watched Planet Terror, only a few people were inside the theater. Even annoying is that near the entrance, there is a message from the theater management that tells viewers that "the scratches on the film are part of the special effects done by the director." This annoys me and saddens me at the the same time because that means there has been a lot of people who watched this movie that took it out of its context--a deliberate attempt to recreate an old movie genre.

Planet Terror has B-movie written all over it. From the fake trailer at the start (Machete), the T&A shots, campy dialogue and special effects, Planet Terror brings us back to the 70's Exploitation genre. Robert Rodriguez obviously had fun directing this zombie movie homage, with his deliberate adding of film scratches, discolored film and burning celluloid.

He practically makes the movie a big joke on us. It just exasperates me that only a few people here in the Philippines get the joke.

Rating: 3.5/5

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